The Power Stone Mystery
Season 1, Episode 1
Japanese 活劇! 秘石の謎
Romanji Katsugeki! Hi-seki no Nazo
Air date April 3, 1999 (JP)
Written by Sukehiro Tomita
Directed by Takahiro Omori
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The Power Stone Mystery (活劇! 秘石の謎 Katsugeki! Hi-seki no Nazo) is the very first episode of the Power Stone animated series. The episode aired in Japan on April 3, 1999.


The episode starts off with Edward Falcon fighting in some sort of underground fighting ring. While heading back from the match, he learns that he received a package from his father for his birthday. We learn that Falcon left home to become a championship fighter and go against the world's strongest fighters. Falcon has no interest in the stone inside the package and asks Apollus to return it to his father. A few seconds later, two pirates, attempt to steal the stone from Apollus and Falcon stops them. Apollos wonders if it is a Power Stone, which his father left to search for years ago, and reminds Falcon of the legend. In the town square, Falcon meets Rouge and asks her to examine the stone. The two pirates, Octo and Pus, call for reinforcements and start pursuing Falcon to steal the stone from him. During the pursuit, Falcon falls through the tent where Ayame and her family are performing. Ayame and Kikunojo then learn that Falcon has something to do with the Power Stones. While hiding from the pirates, Falcon is challenged by Ryoma, who also has a Power Stone. Falcon escapes from the pirates again and is followed by Ryoma. Before Falcon and Ryoma can fight, the pirates find the two of them once more. Falcon decides to stop running and face them all. The rubble around the Power Stone breaks, revealing a red Power Stone that transforms Falcon into Red Whirlwind. With his new powers, Falcon easily defeats the pirates. Surprised by these events, he wonders what his father has gotten him into.