Ray Gun (光線銃) is an item from Power Stone and Power Stone 2. This weapon fires seven (or less if interrupted) energy rings per shot that cause considerable damage.

Power StoneEdit

Ray Gun is one of the unlockable weapons.

Power Stone 2Edit

Item No. 5 Ray Gun Level 1 Firearms MiniBook005
Description This is a high tech weapon that will unnerve your opponent.
Duration Use (x3) Buy 6000 Sell 1500


Created fromEdit

Item Book:

  1. Gun + Light Element
  2. Iron + Light Element
  3. Beam Gun + Loudspeaker



GunSoap Bubble Gun
Machine GunBeam Gun
Soap Bubble GunBeam Gun
3-Way Shotgun5-Way Shotgun
5-Way ShotgunBeam Gun (x2)
Powerful BusterBeam Gun
Arm GunBeam Gun (main), Soap Bubble Gun
Wedding CakeShort Cake
Light ElementBeam Gun (x2)

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