Pride in Power Stone 2.

Pride Falcon, known as Pride Fokker (プライド・フォッカー Puraido Fokkā) in Japan, is a character from the Power Stone series.



Pride in Falcon's ending

In the first Power Stone, Pride appears in Edward Falcon's ending, where he uses the Hockenheim to rescue his son from the collapsing area. However, his son isn't happy that the Power Stone felt during the escape, and blames his father's "lousy piloting" for it.

In Power Stone 2, Pride will sometimes appear in the Item Shop to either give items, ask for an item (sometimes just leaving with it or giving rarer items in exchange), or take money. He can be unlocked as a playable character.


Pride's fighting style is similar to Falcon's, but he is much stronger, being able to lift poles like Galuda and Gunrock. However, possibly due to his age, his defense is very low. His speed is average. Like his son, he can also kick his opponent two times in mid air and acts as a martial artist when needed.

His Power Change form is similar to Falcon's, but he keeps his scarf after transforming. His Power Drive has him firing a hurricane from his arm. One of his Power Fusions is similar to Falcon's Power Hurricane, and the other is similar to Falcon's Power Explosion, releasing two waves of missiles that do critical damage.



Pride in the anime

Pride travels the world in search for the Power Stones.

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