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Power Stone 2 (パワーストーン2) is a 3D fighting game developed and published by Capcom that was first released in arcades in 2000 on the Sega NAOMI hardware in Japan. It was later ported for Dreamcast and is included with improvements in the Power Stone Collection for PSP, except for the VMU feature.


There are four different modes available for the game

  • 1-on-1: Much like the original Power Stone, a two-character storyline game.
  • Arcade: A four-character storyline game, with two characters advancing each round.
  • Original: Multiplayer mode, with free choice of characters and stages.
  • Adventure: An unpredictable storyline game, where players can collect items, cards and money.

Power Stone 2 offers five interactive 3-D stages to begin with, plus the two boss stages which players can also access in Original mode. All but the Original mode is played out like a storyline, where two battles are fought on the regular stages, followed by the Pharaoh Walker boss, then another battle, and ending with the Dr. Erode boss stage. Three extra stages may be unlocked for Original mode by meeting certain requirements in Arcade mode, as well as a desert area stage, which is essentially the Pharaoh Walker boss stage, but without the boss. Though each player has their own set of default ground and air attacks, the character can execute more powerful fusion attacks after collecting three Power Stones and transforming. Power Stone 2 does not offer an opportunity to block, although tapping on the control pad just before an enemy attacks will cause you to dodge.

Most of the stages are dynamic and will change as the battle progresses. For example, the airplane stage starts out on a warplane. After a set amount of time, the plane will fall apart, forcing all the players to battle while skydiving toward the ground. Shortly after, the players will fall onto a floating platform, where the remainder of the battle will be held. This, in essence, creates three sub-stages within a single one.

Each stage is also littered with item boxes, which hold a random item that a player has acquired and unlocked in Adventure mode or created in the Item Shop. They may also contain Power Stones. Items are extremely diverse. Damaging items range from guns, flamethrowers, gigantic hammers, a wide assortment of swords, to bear traps, roller blades, and even a magazine that can be thrown. Non-damaging items include food that will replenish health, shields for defense, elixirs for invisibility, adhesive sprays to slow your opponents, and wings for extra jumps. Cards that can be used to mix items can also be found in Adventure mode. Furthermore, most stages also have their own collection of unique items and fixtures that the player can use. For example, the submarine level comes with turrets, small planes to drop bombs, and icebergs to throw at opponents. Each level is also highly interactive, as players can use many of the stage elements themselves. All players can also gain extra height by jumping off a wall.

Item ShopEdit

An addition to Power Stone 2 is the "Adventure" mode. This mode is functionally identical to the "1-on-1" and "Arcade" modes; however, there is an additional inventory filled with items and money that the player has collected. These may then be taken to the game's "Item Shop", run by secret character Mel. The overall goal of the Item Shop is to allow players to gain access to new items; either by purchasing them, or by combining existing items in a 'mixing' process. This gives the game considerable additional longevity, as many of the best or most entertaining items are available only from the Item Shop. Power Stone 2 includes a VMU application called the Mini-Book. This can be used to inspect the player's item inventory, or trade items with another player. Additionally, a player may register up to five items in their inventory as "Handy Items". These may then appear to the player in Original mode, offering a tactical advantage.



Power Stone 2 North American arcade flyer


Power Stone 2 North American box art

Without warning, the sky is filled with dark, ominous clouds, and a giant shadow spreads over the region, shaking the land with its roars. Suddenly, a mysterious floating castle appears out of nowhere. During the event, the Power Stone fighters are captured by evil forces and taken to the castle. Now they must find a way to escape the castle.

Playable CharactersEdit




2Machine Gun155002000
4Flame Thrower14500800
5Ray Gun160001500
6Soap Bubble Gun220000400
7Tranquilizer Gun3700002000
8Homing Missile4 - 2000
93-Way Shotgun285002500
105-Way Shotgun4 - 20000
11Beam Gun312000015000
12Powerful Buster6 - 69000
13Arm Gun6 - 72000
14Flame Rod3500006000
15Ice Rod2300004000
16Thunder Rod5 - 12000
17Magic Rod2250002000
18Mystic Rod3450003000
19Weird Rod4 - 8000
20Medusa6 - 20000
22Adhesive Spray4 - 9000
25Small Bomb12000700
26Medium Bomb13000900
27Large Bomb135001000
28Leg Weight2280002500
29Fire Cracker3150003000
30Hand Grenade3400006000
31Iron Pipe11200500
33Frozen Tuna4 - 10000
34Metallic Bat3750002000
35Big Racket5 - 8000
36Magic Stick160003500
37Lance of Lava6 - 20000
38Devil Sickle4 - 7700
39Morning Star5 - 20000
41Power Sword130001200
42Flame Sword3800003000
43Ice Sword4 - 4000
44Thunder Sword4 - 5000
45Beam Sword5 - 35000
46Dragon Slayer6 - 80000
47Legendary Sword6 - 40000
49Toy Hammer2800200
50Pickaxe4 - 1500
51Magical Mallet5 - 50000
52Gigantic Hammer5 - 20000
54Deluxe Umbrella5 - 25000
55Cheap Umbrella3 - 200
57Deluxe Spear5 - 25000
59Deluxe Trident5 - 25000
60Fork4 - 400
61Spoon4 - 1500
62Battlefield Axe2180002000
63Victory Axe4 - 25000
64Lumber Jack's Axe3 - 300
65Brave Man's Axe6 - 90000
67Inline Skate3400005000
68Scooter6 - 80000
70Short Cake160001000
72Rice Ball210000200
76Roast Chicken4 - 3000
77Roast Pork5 - 15000
78Wedding Cake6 - 30000
79Angel Wing5 - 20000
80Devil Wing6 - 7700
81Power Shield130001500
82Deluxe Shield5 - 25000
84Transparentizer6 - 40000
86Panther4 - 25000
87Fire Dragon4 - 35000
88Ice Dragon5 - 45000
89Thunder Dragon6 - 55000
90Bamboo Shoot6 - 10000
91Thumbtack4 - 200
92Leg Trap235002000
93Pitfall Hoop5 - 10000
94Beehive5 - 25000
95Stick Bomb4 - 6000
98Meteor6 - 40000
99Exciting Book7 - 20000
100Power Stone Magazine6 - 100000
101Rabbit Ear4 - 4000
102Cat Ear5 - 5000
103Crown6 - 100000
104Silk Hat5 - 8000
105Straw Hat31200005000
106Party Hat4 - 4000
108Emperor's Crown7200000001000000
109Rabbit Arm4 - 4000
110Cat Arm5 - 4000
111Bracelet6 - 75000
112Punching Gloves3650003000
113Rabbit Tail4 - 4000
114Cat Tail5 - 4000
115Devil Tail5 - 10000
116Wind-Up Key4 - 2500
117Rabbit Paw4 - 4000
118Cat Paw5 - 3000
119Shoes of Achilles4 - 7000
121Light Stone7 - 100000
122Soccer Ball31000005000
123Crystal Ball525000015000
124Twin Potion31200005000
126Decoy Bomb530000015000
127Giant Boots660000025000
128Manches Chainsaw310000010000
129Totem Hammer420000015000
130Turbo Helmet650000040000
131Stone Sweeper425000015000
132Wok Gun31500005000
133Thunderbolt Rider670000050000

Note: Items 122-133 are only available in Power Stone Collection.

Other itemsEdit

- Power Stones - -
1Flame Element10000800
2Ice Element10000800
3Thunder Element10000800
4Light Element10000800
5Magic Element10000800
6Trap Element10000800
16Fire Dragon Element5000005000
17Ice Dragon Element5000006000
18T. Dragon Element - 70000
19Driver's License - 20000
20Angel Ring -
21Emblem of the Brave - 50000
22Book of Legend - 75000
1Horror Card - 1000
2Surprise Card - 1000
3Affection Card - 1000
4Dress-Up Card12000010000
5Food Card - 1000
6Copy Card2000005000
7Profit Card1000002000
8Retry Card800008000
9Special Card - 40000
1Text of DX. Shield30000030000
2Text of DX. Spear20000015000
3Text of DX. Umbrella20000010000
4Text of Pitfall -
5Text of Beam Sword - 10000
6Text of Stick Bomb - 6000
7Text of DX. Trident -
8Text of Shotgun - 20000
9Text of Mag.Mallet -
10Text of Transparent - 1000
- Bouquet3000500
- Jack in the Box5000400
- Horror Book5000400
- Item Catalog 1100002000
- Item Catalog 2200003000
- Item Catalog 3300004000
- Item Catalog 4400007000
- Item Catalog 5500008000
- Rare Item Catalog - 20000
- Material Catalog - 1000
- Text Catalog - 8000

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