Londo artwork


Londo stage

Londo (ロンド), the Power Stone version of London, is the hometown of Edward Falcon and his stage in the first game. The stage is set in the city near a river with a fountain and some restaurants (Fiskerestaurant, The Royal Restaurant, Fish & Chips) nearby. Pigeons walk around the area.

Stage itemsEdit


Londo map

  • Lampposts (x2)
  • Bench
  • Garbage can
  • Plants (x2)
  • The Royal Restaurant billboard
  • Tables (x2)
  • Chairs (x2)
  • Wall billboards (x2) (doesn't reappear during battle)
  • Window plants (x7) (doesn't reappear during battle)


Londo is located in Sun Land and is where the anime starts. It is a home of Edward Falcon and Pride Falcon.

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