Item Shop

The Item Shop (アイテムショップ) is a location from Power Stone 2, a shop run by Mel. The gold and items obtained in Adventure Mode can be used here to buy and sell items or to mix items. If a mix fails, Mel will give a Coupon Ticket (クーポンチケット) as a consolation prize. The Coupons can be used to obtain items in the Roulette.



Item mix.

The Mix System allows players to combine two items into a new one. Only certain combinations work, and the mix will fail if the combinations are not appropriate. Sometimes the mix may also fail even if the combination is good. Most of the successful combination results are recorded. Not all combinations are recorded, and sometimes the mix may produce unexpected items. Essence Cards can added in a mix to help it work better.


The player can buy or sell items. At first only some items are available, with new items becoming available as the player progress in the game. See Power Stone 2 for the list of items that can be bought.

The first time the player enters the shop, only the following Level 1 items are available:

Item 1Gun1500500
Item 3Bazooka60001800
Item 4Flame Thrower4500800
Item 40Sword2000400
Item 48Hammer3000600
Item 69Apple20001000
Item 70Short Cake60001000
Item 71Meat70002000
- Item Catalog 1100002000

The Item Shop will periodically add new Level 1-3 items to the shop, from the lowest Level to the highest (reducing frequency at Level 3), until all the items below are available:

Item 2Machine Gun155002000
Item 5Ray Gun160001500
Item 6Soap Bubble Gun220000400
Item 7Tranquilizer Gun3700002000
Item 93-Way Shotgun285002500
Item 11Beam Gun312000015000
Item 14Flame Rod3500006000
Item 15Ice Rod2300004000
Item 17Magic Rod2250002000
Item 18Mystic Rod3450003000
Item 21Loudspeaker2300002500
Item 23Trumpet3500004000
Item 24Fire-Bottle14000800
Item 25Small Bomb12000700
Item 26Medium Bomb13000900
Item 27Large Bomb135001000
Item 28Leg Weight2280002500
Item 29Fire Cracker3150003000
Item 30Hand Grenade3400006000
Item 31Iron Pipe11200500
Item 32Harisen3500001000
Item 34Metallic Bat3750002000
Item 36Magic Stick160003500
Item 40Sword12000400
Item 41Power Sword130001200
Item 42Flame Sword3800003000
Item 48Hammer13000600
Item 49Toy Hammer2800200
Item 53Umbrella240002000
Item 56Spear3300003000
Item 58Trident2200002000
Item 62Battlefield Axe2180002000
Item 66Skateboard2250003000
Item 67Inline Skate3400005000
Item 69Apple120001000
Item 70Short Cake160001000
Item 71Meat170002000
Item 72Rice Ball210000200
Item 73Banana2600300
Item 74Hamburger2700400
Item 75Cheese2120001000
Item 81Power Shield130001500
Item 83Petrifier3900006000
Item 85Kitten21200008000
Item 92Leg Trap235002000
Item 96Typhoon3400006000
Item 97Fireworks3650005000
Item 105Straw Hat31200005000
Item 107Flower33000100
Item 112Punching Gloves3650003000
Item 120Plaster33000012000
Material 1Flame Element - 10000800
Material 2Ice Element - 10000800
Material 3Thunder Element - 10000800
Material 4Light Element - 10000800
Material 5Magic Element - 10000800
Material 6Trap Element - 10000800
Material 7Oil - 10000800
Material 8Chemical - 10000800
Material 9Cartwheel - 10000800
Material 10Wood - 10000800
Material 11Cloth - 10000800
Material 12Gunpowder - 10000800
Material 13Gold - 10000800
Material 14Iron - 10000800
Material 15Scrap - 10000800
Essence 6Copy Card - 2000005000
Essence 7Profit Card - 1000002000
Essence 8Retry Card - 800008000
- Bouquet - 3000500
- Jack in the Box - 5000400
- Horror Book - 5000400
- Item Catalog 1 - 100002000
- Item Catalog 2 - 200003000
- Item Catalog 3 - 300004000

This works in any interval, even by leaving and immediately returning several times without playing in other modes. Those items are also added when they are obtained in the Item Shop and the Adventure mode.

The remaining items are not added until they are obtained or under special circumstances:

Item 108Emperor's Crown7200000001000000
Item 122Soccer Ball31000005000
Item 123Crystal Ball525000015000
Item 124Twin Potion31200005000
Item 125Amenomurakumo535000020000
Item 126Decoy Bomb530000015000
Item 127Giant Boots660000025000
Item 128Manches Chainsaw310000010000
Item 129Totem Hammer420000015000
Item 130Turbo Helmet650000040000
Item 131Stone Sweeper425000015000
Item 132Wok Gun31500005000
Item 133Thunderbolt Rider670000050000
Material 16Fire Dragon Element - 5000005000
Material 17Ice Dragon Element - 5000006000
Essence 4Dress-Up Card - 12000010000
Text 1Text of DX. Shield - 30000030000
Text 2Text of DX. Spear - 20000015000
Text 3Text of DX. Umbrella - 20000010000
- Item Catalog 4 - 400007000
- Item Catalog 5 - 500008000



The player can give a gift for Mel, who gives something in return as thanks. This is the only place that Texts, Catalogs, Bouquet, Jack in the Box, and Horror Book can be used, and is one of the main ways to easily obtain some of the Essence Cards.

Food itemsFood Card
TextsThe item in the text can now be created in mixes.
BouquetAffection Card
Jack in the BoxSurprise Card
Horror BookHorror Card
CatalogsAdds item names to the Item Book.


The player simply talks with Mel, who gives some hints. Also, when the player gets in first place in the ranking of the 1-on-1 or 1-on-3 modes for the first time, she will give a Crown for each mode.


Mel gives explanations about the features in the Item Shop:

  • About Mixing
  • About Itens
  • About Material
  • About Essence
  • About Item Book
  • About Coupon
  • Others




The Roulette can be played with 3 Coupons per try. It has eight areas with some of the items listed below randomly available to win, and some "Sorry!" that give nothing. To increase the chances of winning specific prizes, the player can spend money to adjust the winning area by holding the jump button and using the directional buttons. It costs 5,000 G per increase, with a limit of 12 Areas (60,000 G). If none of the items available are of the player's interest, quitting and returning to the roulette will change the items available. However, if the player has less than 5,000 G, the roulette will start automatically as the area can't be changed.

Below is a list of items that can be obtained in the Roulette.

Item 3Bazooka
Item 6Soap Bubble Gun
Item 93-Way Shotgun
Item 17Magic Rod
Item 15Ice Rod
Item 21Loudspeaker
Item 24Fire-Bottle
Item 25Small Bomb
Item 26Medium Bomb
Item 28Leg Weight
Item 30Hand Grenade
Item 31Iron Pipe
Item 32Harisen
Item 34Metallic Bat
Item 40Sword
Item 41Power Sword
Item 48Hammer
Item 49Toy Hammer
Item 56Spear
Item 58Trident
Item 60Fork
Item 61Spoon
Item 66Skateboard
Item 69Apple
Item 70Short Cake
Item 71Meat
Item 72Rice Ball
Item 73Banana
Item 74Hamburger
Item 75Cheese
Item 90Bamboo Shoot
Item 97Fireworks
Item 102Cat Ear
Item 105Straw Hat
Item 107Flower
Item 110Cat Arm
Item 112Punching Gloves
Item 114Cat Tail
Item 116Wind-Up Key
Item 120Plaster
Material 2Ice Element
Material 5Magic Element
Material 6Trap Element
Material 7Oil
Material 10Wood
Material 13Gold
Material 14Iron
Material 15Scrap
Material 16Fire Dragon Element
Material 17Ice Dragon Element
Material 18T. Dragon Element
Material 19Driver's License
Material 21Emblem of the Brave
Material 22Book of Legend
Essence 1Horror Card
Essence 2Surprise Card
Essence 3Affection Card
Essence 4Dress-Up Card
Essence 5Food Card
Essence 6Copy Card
Essence 7Profit Card
Essence 8Retry Card
Essence 9Special Card
Text 1Text of DX. Shield
Text 2Text of DX. Spear
Text 3Text of DX. Umbrella
Text 4Text of Pitfall
Text 5Text of Beam Sword
Text 6Text of Sticky Bomb
Text 7Text of DX. Trident
Text 8Text of Shotgun
Text 9Text of Mag. Mallet
Text 10Text of Transparent
- Bouquet
- Horror Book
- Jack in the Box
- Item Catalog 1
- Item Catalog 2
- Item Catalog 3
- Material Catalog
- Text Catalog

Item BookEdit


Item Book

Item Book (アイテム図鑑, "Item Encyclopedia") shows all items collected by the player and some of the possible mix combinations to obtain them.

Handy ItemsEdit

In the Dreamcast version, the Item Book can be used by players to register 5 items and 4 Decoration items as Handy Items in the VMU. Those items are marked with a Power Stone stamp and will appear inside VM Boxes in stages. VM Boxes can only be opened by the player it belongs.

Fitting RoomEdit


Fitting Room

In the Fitting Room, the player can choose Decoration items for the playable characters to wear.




When the player enters the Item Shop, Pride Falcon will appear once in a while to either present items, ask for an item (giving one or more items in exchange, or just thank the player and leave), take some money, or simply leave without giving or taking items or money. Below is a list of known items that he gives to the player.

Item 39Morning Star
Item 117Rabbit Paw
Material 16Fire Dragon Element
Material 20Angel Ring
Material 22Book of Legend
Essence 2Surprise Card
Essence 4Dress-Up Card
Essence 6Copy Card
Essence 7Profit Card
Text 8Text of Shotgun
- Bouquet
- Jack in the Box
- Material Catalog
- Essence Catalog



Extra Stage 1

The Extra Stage 1 is set in the Item Shop. It is a small stage with a tree and metallic device that players can hang on, a pole, and some item chests. There is a Power Stone 2 poster in the wall.


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