Gun (拳銃) is an item from Power Stone and Power Stone 2. It is a simple weapon that can shot six times and causes little damage, but has a long range.

Power Stone 2Edit

Item No. 1 Gun Level 1 Firearms MiniBook001
Description This revolver holds up to six shots and has a long range.
Duration Use (x6) Buy 1500 Sell 500

Gun is one of the items that is available for purchase in the Item Shop from the beginning of the game.


Created fromEdit

Item Book:

  1. Iron + Flame Element
  2. Iron + Gunpowder
  3. Iron + Gold



Machine Gun3-Way Shotgun (main), Magic Rod, Ray Gun
Ray GunSoap Bubble Gun
Tranquilizer GunSoap Bubble Gun (x2)
Beam GunRay Gun
Small BombBazooka
Medium BombBazooka
Large BombBazooka
Iron PipeMachine Gun
Rice BallBazooka
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Light ElementRay Gun
CartwheelMachine Gun (x2)
GunpowderMachine Gun
GoldMachine Gun
IronMachine Gun (main), Flame Thrower, Ray Gun, Magic Rod
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