Arm Gun (アームガン) is an item from Power Stone 2 that fires homing energy shots.

Power Stone 2Edit

Item No. 13 Arm Gun Level 6 Firearms MiniBook013
Description With its powerful homing ability, it never misses a target.
Duration Use (x8) Buy --- Sell 72000


Created fromEdit

Item Book:

  1. Powerful Buster + Medusa
  2. Beam Sword + Medusa (main)
  3. Powerful Buster + Beam Sword (x2)



BazookaHoming Missile
Ray GunBeam Gun (main), Ray Gun, Soap Bubble Gun
Beam GunPowerful Buster
Magic RodTranquilizer Gun
Big RacketPowerful Buster
SkateboardHoming Missile
Stick BombPunching Gloves (main) or Punching Gloves (x2)
Power Stone MagazinePowerful Buster (main) or Powerful Buster (x3)
Rabbit PawRabbit Arm
Cat PawCat Arm (main), Wind-Up Key
Light ElementPowerful Buster
ScrapPowerful Buster
Driver's LicensePowerful Buster (main), Flame Thrower, Ray Gun

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